Ready-made Solutions

Possible starting points for your next project.

Custom software development process is used when off-the-shelf software doesn’t fit your needs. Although starting from scratch with custom development will give you more control over functionality, it’s often a very time-consuming and an expensive way to get your solution delivered.

We have a number of pre-existing solutions which we have custom developed for other clients which may already fit some of your requirements.

Using one of these solutions as a starting point for your next project could offer some significant advantages:-

  • A proficient FileMaker consultant / developer will cost around $150 hr hour (ex tax). Using an existing solution will SAVE you lots of time$!
  • Seeing something already done is often a faster way to workout what you want (or don’t want!) rather than trying to visualise and then document what you think you want.
  • Any unwanted functions in the existing solution can be quickly deleted or put aside for future use. (Deleting is MUCH faster than developing!)
  • If we have built it before, any new functions needed in your system could be copied from existing works (another time $ saver!)

Check-out some of these existing customer solutions and contact us if you would like to discuss things further.


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Healthcare Solutions

Spot On have developed a number of solutions specifically designed for Hospitals and Medical Registries which may provide a starting point for further development.


Spot On CRM

Looking for systems to track activities relating to Customers or Prospects?  We have some outstanding Contact Management (CRM) solutions which may be a great starting point for you.


Apps for Mobile

Did you know we can build great mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and the web at a fraction of the cost of native IOS development.