Mobile App Development Starter Pack – $3,450 inc gst.

Low-cost, iPhone and iPad app development. Save $1,000.

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What’s in the offer…

To celebrate the significance of FileMaker Go, we are offering a terrific consulting / development package to get you started with a mobile app for your business. Checkout our mobile page if you need some more ideas or click the Contact form to get started now. You can use this offer towards building an iPhone, iPad or a WebDirect application.

  • FREE Consulting

    We’ll get together, either on-site or via Skype, to scope your ideas and identify how we can help. We’ll also show you some of our existing solutions so you can gauge our proficiency and the style of our work. After this appointment, we’ll be in a position to offer some price guidance and confirm the deliverables under this offer. This is a no-obligation visit.

  • Custom Development

    Once the scope is confirmed, we’ll get to work building your new system showing our progress via screen sharing software. Our offer includes up to 20 hrs of development and review time.

  • Testing & Refinements

    We’re throwing in another 3 hrs of testing and refinements for the obligatory bugs, gremlins and forgotten functions that often materialise at the last minute!

  • Cloud Hosting ($60 month. First month FREE)

    Our cloud hosting partner will host your new solution in the cloud so you can access it from anywhere and you don’t have to worry about buying and maintaining a server. The first month is FREE as part of this promotion, $60 ex tax per month thereafter if you like the arrangement – hassle free access, daily backups, no obligation, no contracts!

  • Start using it

    Take your new solution for a spin on the road and get back to us within 30 days to let us know how it went.

What’s a typical solution?

This offer is designed to get you started in mobilising some of your business processing.

Please note that our offer is not open ended. What we can deliver in the allocated hours is dependent on the complexity of the screens and functions required.  Nutting out your requirements and what we will deliver under this offer will be confirmed after our initial no-obligation meeting.

A typical solution to capture a one page test result or inspection would usually contain the following functionality:

  • An entry screen to capture test results (say 15 – 20 fields).
  • A printable version of the completed form which could be emailed as a PDF
  • A search function.
  • A list screen so you can see a summary of search results
  • A menu system with your Logo
  • Some User accounts so your users can test the solution

Our offer includes building the user interface and screens either for an iPhone, iPad, Web or Desktop devices.


Why such a generous offer?

To get you interested. It’s likely that your initial solution is only part of your business process. Our thinking is, that if we do a good job  and you see the benefits you’ll want us to do some more work for you. Simple as that!

Payments and Milestones

Using the Inspection solution described earlier and a total price of $3,450 inc Tax, invoices and payment would be linked to the following milestones. Prices are inclusive of GST. Our payment terms are 7 days from the Invoice date.

  • Deposit (30%) – $1,035
  • Install Test System (30%) – $1,035
  • Final Payment (40%) – $1,380

How does extra time get charged?

Any additional development time that is outside of the originally agreed scope will be billed at our normal rate of $170 ex tax per hour unless a support package has been purchased.