Healthcare Solutions

Ready-made solutions and medical registry platforms.

pb_stethascope_180The FileMaker platform is a popular choice in the medical and healthcare sectors due its ease of use and speed of development.

Spot On has developed several frameworks over recent years to aid the development of medical registries and healthcare solutions.

Medical Registries

Funding for research is a common limitation when medical specialists attempt to collate data for research projects. Our cloud-based registry development system has been developed to provide a cost-effective, and easy-to-use framework to help specialists and medical staff enter patient demographic and diagnostic data from remote locations. A robust, multi-tenant security layer ensures each hospital (or location) data can only be accessed by their assigned users.

CPR (Cardiothoracic Patient Records)

An integrated, powerful and comprehensive cardiothoracic patient care and research tool, keenly valued by clinicians, surgeons, management and researchers alike. The ANZSCTS compliant system tracks all aspects of the patient journey for a cardiac related procedure including modules for Admission, Operations, Diagnosis & Complications, Medications, Waiting Lists, Cardiac Rehab, ICU and diagnostic results for 6MWT, RHC, Lung Function, Echo, Frailty tests. It also incorporates a Transplant and Donor registry.

For smaller or private hospitals, the modular system can be customised to hide any unwanted modules and new functions can be added on request.

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